Email campaigns

While the largest companies with nearly unlimited marketing budget can afford doing everything on their own, most companies cannot spare time and resources for that. That is where Sales Data step in. If you want your business to benefit from an email campaign, trust our custom-built emailing systems and quality databases to be the quick and efficient solution. We at Sales Data are ready to provide you with all things needed, starting with an email design up to market analysis.


What is email used for? Why businesses use email in their strategy?

  • Increasing your renown

  • Extending your customer-catching area

  • Identifying prospects

  • Qualifying contacts

  • Winning new customers

  • Testing offers, products, actions, etc.

  • Launching new services or products

  • Winning the loyalty of your buyers

  • Managing your portfolio of customers

  • Offering supplementary products

  • Conducting studies and surveys

The advantages of direct interactive marketing:

  • Infinite possibilities of segmentation

  • No representatives, sales staff or stores

  • Full budgetary control of costs with no contingencies

  • Scalability of activities (from 100 to 100.000 contacts)

  • Reduced overheads

  • Prospecting costs divided by 2 to 3

  • Speed of design and deployment (a few days maximum)

  • Adaptability and customisation of messages

  • High conversion rates

  • Agility and strong reactivity during campaigns

  • The ability to measure results in real time

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